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Aug 03 2023

With federal staffing proposal near, states also progressing toward minimums

News Digest: States also pursuing minimum staffing policies While CMS considers implementing a minimum staffing rule for Medicare (ultimately issued September, 2023), a number of state legislatures have taken up the responsibility to ensure facilities in their state start meeting minimum levels...
Jul 14 2023

Only 5 States Meet Nurse Staff Hour Requirements of Potential Minimum Staffing Mandate for Nursing Homes

Only 5 States Meet Nurse Staff Hour Requirements of Potential Minimum Staffing Mandate for Nursing HomesAs many skilled nursing facilities are falling short of expected federal requirements for adequate nursing staff, the shortage has led to a failure to promote the well-being of residents and to...
Jul 11 2023

A legal fight related to Medicaid providers and wages is dropped

A legal fight related to Medicaid providers and wages is dropped Industry groups and the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration have agreed to end a legal fight about part of last year’s state budget that could have opened Medicaid providers to litigation if they didn’t pay a $15 minimum...
Oct 06 2022

3 Nursing Home Legal Issues to Watch in 2022 and Beyond

As a flurry of regulations and mandates descend upon the nursing home sector, such changes could create legal obstacles, and suggest yet another difficult and onerous year for providers. Staffing mandates, the aftermath of the end of the public health emergency (PHE), Covid liability and the PREP...
Aug 25 2022

Medicaid nursing facility payment approaches

CMS encourages states to assess their approach to payments to long-term care providers and utilize flexibilities provided by section 1902(a)(30)(A) of the Social Security Act (the Act) in establishing Medicaid base and supplemental payments, as appropriate, to provide adequate, performance-driven...
Jul 28 2022

Nursing Home Staffing Regulations, Proposals Clash With Financial, Operational Realities

Providers in states from Virginia to New York are pushing back on the requirements they say threaten their ability to provide the best care for residents. The Georgia Health Care Association (GHCA) opposes implementing a “one size fits all” approach to regulating its providers’ staffing...
Jul 05 2022

Why States’ Success in Tying Medicaid to Staffing Could Propel CMS Policy

While establishing stronger staffing standards for nursing homes continues to be a top priority in the minds of federal leaders, few in the industry see it as a viable or sustainable path forward. Unable to sustain unfunded mandates, senior living advocate and policy expert Brian Perry thinks...
May 25 2022

Nursing homes sue over minimum staffing ratios, mandatory spending levels

Nonprofit New York nursing homes are taking action against the state in a push to overturn “illegal and unconstitutional” policies that establish a minimum staffing requirement and spending mandates for providers. LeadingAge New York, leading a group of 80 nonprofit and public nursing homes, on...
Apr 24 2022

Nursing Homes Pay ‘Exorbitant’ Agency Costs to Comply With Staffing Minimums

State staffing minimum laws are colliding with spiking agency costs, with some facilities forced to continue or increase the use of expensive temporary staff to meet state requirements. The dissonance is especially felt in states like New York, which has the largest Medicaid reimbursement...
Feb 08 2022

Proposed Nursing Home Staffing Standards ‘Unattainable’ Amid Labor Crisis

Despite continuing nursing home workforce shortages across the country, some states continue to push for mandated minimum staffing hours – Virginia’s legislature was the latest to introduce such proposals, in January.

Jan 31 2022

Next Quarterly Payroll-Based Journal Data Submission Due

We remind nursing home members that Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) data submissions covering Jan. 1st through March 31st must be finalized with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) by May 15th. PBJ submissions have been the basis for calculating the staffing domain of the Five-Star...

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