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Oct 13 2021

Importance of the human touch

Everyone falls into auto-mode now and then. While SimplePBJ continues to discover and add new verification checks for potential issues, the human touch is still needed to confirm the PBJ data you’re submitting is accurate. Don’t get lulled into thinking the data from your payroll or...
Apr 23 2020

Things to remember when submitting PBJ data

CMS will provide further information as soon as possible but are encouraging facilities to still report data as they are able. There will be no penalties or negative impacts to staffing ratings for not submitting by May 15. As facilities work to gather the necessary information, here are some...
Feb 05 2020

Top 9 Things to Remember About PBJ

Accurate PBJ reporting can impact your Five-Star rating, referral patterns, census stability and overall long-term viability.

Oct 22 2019

PBJ audits: Why me?

We often get asked the “Why Me?” question when a facility gets audited. Unfortunately, there’s very little disclosure from CMS on the triggers and reasons for PBJ audits. Even the associations are unable to learn much about PBJ audits.

Nov 29 2018

CMS Peels Back Curtain on Why Providers Receive PBJ Audits

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) gave Skilled Nursing News a glimpse into the PBJ audit process.

The goal is to have every facility submitting verifiable, auditable data, using the payroll-based journal (PBJ) staffing information.

CMS conduct pilot pbj audits
Mar 30 2018

Gotchas to watch for in PBJ audits

PBJ Audits are a key part of the Staffing Five Star methodology going forward based on the details shared by CMS with State Survey Agency Directors on how they will use Payroll-Based Journal data for Staffing Five Star measures

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