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Nov 11 2022

Ask the payment expert …. about the total nurse staffing measure

Q: What is the Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Payment Total Nurse Staffing Measure? A: The Total Nursing Hours Per Resident Day Measure uses auditable electronic data reported to the Payroll-Based Journal system to calculate total nursing hours per resident day. It is one of two new measures...
Oct 07 2022

States get needed nurse aide waiver relief but workers’ fates uncertain

Skilled nursing providers in at least 15 states averted the loss of thousands of frontline workers Thursday, when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services let expire a blanket national waiver allowing the use of non-certified nurse aides. Those states had been awarded new waivers through...
Feb 03 2022

CMS offers leniency to Kronos users impacted by ransomware attack

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), a software used by SNFs for PBJ submission, was the victim of a ransomware attack on December 11, 2021. CMS announced it will not downgrade affected facilities that miss the February 14, 2022 PBJ submission deadline or submit incomplete information. Impacted Kronos...
Oct 13 2021

Importance of the human touch

Everyone falls into auto-mode now and then. While SimplePBJ continues to discover and add new verification checks for potential issues, the human touch is still needed to confirm the PBJ data you’re submitting is accurate. Don’t get lulled into thinking the data from your payroll or...
Jul 27 2021

5 Star, QMs, and PBJ Data Updates

5 Star, QM’s and PBJ data updates have been released. Last week, we shared that QRP’s were released for review. All are critical reporting which impacts our 2022 FY reimbursement and our publicly displayed information on Care Compare. There are a few small windows of time for review and correction...
Jan 13 2021

Tips for the PBJ pro — Top 5 PBJ Mistakes

We’re often asked, “What are the biggest mistakes facilities make when completing their PBJ reports?”

Here are the top 5 — based on thousands of facility implementations, consultations, and audit reviews.

Oct 14 2020

Cutting through the COVID staffing star confusion

COVID-19 has dominated the news — and the senior care industry. Over the past few months, CMS has issued waivers, updated waivers, and repealed waivers. Amidst this COVID chaos is confusion over what PBJ Staffing data is currently posted on Nursing Home Compare. Is it Q1?…Q2? When do you see...
Sep 23 2020

CMS UPDATE: Q2 2020 optional PBJ data due November 14

CMS has announced that Q2 2020 data (January 1 – March 31) is due no later than November 14. The alert was posted on the CMS PBJ portal and reads:

New Q2 Deadline: CMS has established November 14, 2020 as the new deadline for the Q2 2020 data.

Jun 30 2020

CMS announces end of emergency blanket data waiver for nursing homes

Federal officials said Friday that they are ending an emergency blanket waiver intended to reduce administrative burden on nursing homes amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. The Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) said that effective August 14, nursing homes nationwide will again...
Apr 23 2020

Things to remember when submitting PBJ data

CMS will provide further information as soon as possible but are encouraging facilities to still report data as they are able. There will be no penalties or negative impacts to staffing ratings for not submitting by May 15. As facilities work to gather the necessary information, here are some...
Feb 05 2020

Top 9 Things to Remember About PBJ

Accurate PBJ reporting can impact your Five-Star rating, referral patterns, census stability and overall long-term viability.

Jan 17 2020

PBJ update: Goodbye, self-reported census!

When CMS first implemented PBJ, facilities self-reported their census data for Five-Star staffing calculations. Since April 2018, CMS has automatically calculated the census instead. While facilities could still report their census, CMS did not use the data in its Five-Star staffing calculations....
Aug 14 2018

Skilled Nursing Facilities Can’t Just ‘Check the Box’ Under New Payroll Requirements

In Skilled Nursing News, Don Feige and others discuss the impact of CMS using PBJ for Five Star ratings and how providers are adapting.

Jul 27 2018

The PBJ quality quest

In McKnights, Don Feige observes how CMS continues their quest to create a standardized, consistent measure of staffing across the industry by closing loopholes and clarifying gray areas.

Sep 30 2017

PBJ data goes public

In a memo published earlier this week, CMS announced that they will begin posting PBJ public use files for viewing by LTC facilities, stakeholders, and the general public at http://data.cms.gov/ on November 1, 2017.

CMS urges diligence PBJ data
Mar 30 2017

Changes and Results from First PBJ Submission

Skilled nursing providers should submit their next round of payroll based journaling data well ahead of the May 15 deadline in order to catch errors, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services officials said Thursday

Jul 30 2016

PBJ reporting begins

In McKnights, Don Feige describes some of the trickier parts of the PBJ reporting rules that providers need to either validate or make changes to systems and processes to ensure staffing data is PBJ compliant

Mar 30 2016

Getting prepared for the new payroll-based journal reporting requirements

Mandatory compliance with the new Centers for Medicare & Medicated Services (CMS) payroll-based journal reporting (PBJ) requirements begins July 1, 2016. Are you prepared? Whether it’s reaching out to your payroll or timekeeping vendors to supply the data, working with internal IT...
Dec 30 2015

The Start of PBJ Practice Data Submission

CMS encouraged providers to use the voluntary submission period beginning October 1, 2015 to test their PBJ data submission processes. The mandatory filing period begins July 1, 2016.

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