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The Team

Jenn Feige and Don Feige co-founded one of the only standalone payroll-based journal platforms in 2016 with partner Jaime Bennett.  Their original software ezPBJ (now known as NetHealth’s SimplePBJ) is used by thousands of skilled nursing facilities.

Jenn and Don have trained and supported SNF staff on PBJ since the program began and have helped facilities prepare, analyze and submit hundreds of thousands of PBJ reports.

With the increasing importance of staffing Five Star ratings and forthcoming Minimum Staffing regulations, Jenn and Don believe PBJ Central can help all skilled nursing facilities (using any software, payroll or time & attendance software) best manage and understand their PBJ reporting.


Why Choose PBJ Central?

Created by PBJ experts who have helped thousands of skilled nursing facilities manage their PBJ reporting and staffing Five Star ratings – PBJ Central helps every PBJ practitioner no matter which payroll, timekeeping or reporting tools used.

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