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A first-of-its kind PBJ training academy provides a full understanding of PBJ rules & reporting strategies. Learn how PBJ data affects the Five Star rating & upcoming Minimum Staffing requirement. Our PBJ training courses are for day-to-day PBJ & payroll practitioners and anyone managing the staffing strategy at a skilled nursing facility.

Fundamentals of Payroll Based Journal

Fundamentals of Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) provides an overview of the PBJ regulatory program, specifics of the PBJ Policy Manual, review of PBJ data collection fundamentals, and summary of mandatory submission components.

This PBJ training course is great for Administrators, DON’s, quality teams and staff seeking an introduction to the payroll-based journal program and wanting specifics of how PBJ is set up and managed.

PBJ Data Requirements and System Setup

PBJ Data Requirements and System Setup examines the intricacies of payroll-based journal staff classifications and allowable hours, including how they pertain to data collection, preparation and reporting in your payroll or timekeeping systems.

This PBJ training course is for the financial, administrative & clerical team responsible for PBJ data collection and submission.  Understand the intricacies of PBJ reporting with a thorough and easy-to-follow guide and get clarity on those PBJ gray areas.

Understanding Five Star Staffing Ratings

Understanding Five-Star Staffing Ratings explains the specifics of the five-star staffing calculation, which payroll-based journal data inputs are used, and how changes in staffing can impact your five-star rating.

This PBJ training course provides Administrators, Quality Managers, Reimbursement Experts and anyone interested in the Five Star process and a clear walk through of the Five Star staffing calculation. Learn how to calculate the staffing five star rating and what changes in staffing hours and/or turnover are needed to gain a star or avoid losing a star.

Surviving PBJ Audits and Data Issues

Surviving a PBJ Audit explores the components of a CMS PBJ audit – including audit selection, the actual audit process, and audit results – and delivers best practices for internally auditing PBJ data prior to CMS submission.

This PBJ training course is for the teams responsible for responding to a PBJ audit.  The course provides a tour through the PBJ audit process and documentation and tips to stay compliant with audit procedures and protect your Five Star rating.

Minimum Staffing


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