A word of warning: Beware of staffing ratio violations

Nov 21, 2022 | Minimum Staffing

A word of warning: Beware of staffing ratio violations

We are all waiting to see the possibility of proposed rules over federal minimum staffing ratios in nursing homes

But with possible federal minimum staffing ratios looming, let’s make sure the government calculates staffing ratios right!  After all, one state recently experienced incorrect calculations for nursing home staffing levels, and facilities that sit back and wait for the government to work out proper calculations may be frightened to learn of the potential legal and public implications.

[P]roviders need to pay attention and not readily accept government calculations.  Facilities also must make sure the facility’s PBJ reporting (which the government uses to assess staffing) is accurate and take steps to correct incorrect PBJ reports now.  




November 21, 2022


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