Course Overview

Understanding Five Star Staffing Ratings

Understanding Five-Star Staffing Ratings explains the specifics of the five-star staffing calculation, which PBJ data inputs are used, and how changes in staffing can impact your five-star rating.

Take the Understanding Five-Star Staffing Ratings course to understand the core elements of payroll-based journal.

 Questions answered in this class include:

  • What are the six components of the five-star staffing rating?
  • How are PBJ staffing hours calculated?
  • How is PBJ staffing turnover calculated?
  • What are the PBJ staffing scoring rules?
  • What is the five-star staffing rating methodology?
  • How does the staffing rating impact the overall five-star rating?
  • What strategies can I use to increase my five-star staffing rating?

Course Objectives ▼

Learn PBJ Basics

Understand PBJ Reporting Requirements

Identify PBJ Job Titles and Pay Types

Recognize Allowable PBJ Hours

Gain PBJ Reporting Best Practices

Lessons in this course ▼