Payroll Based Journal Policy Manual v 2.4 (Sep 2017)

VERSION: PBJ Policy Manual v2.4
PUBLISHED: September 2017
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With a full 4 quarters of reporting complete, the CMS Policy Manual was updated in September 2017 to version 2.4.  Updates included:

  • Introduction of an Employee ID linking process and upload file.
  • Add clarification that Meal times shall be deducted for all staff whether it is paid or unpaid
  • Made reporting of Resident Census optional instead of required

A small but significant change in this policy update required the removal of meal times from reported hours – even if the meal break was paid.  This represented another adjustment to standard payroll hours requirement to stay PBJ compliant.

To providers’ benefit, this update removed the requirement to report resident census.  Instead CMS developed an automated method to calculate census based on MDS data.

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