Payroll Based Journal Policy Manual v 2.0 (Mar 2016)

VERSION: PBJ Policy Manual v2.0
PUBLISHED: March 2016
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The transition from Version 1 to Version 2 occurred in March, 2016, three months before the official start of the PBJ program on July 1, 2016.  Updates included:

  • Clarification of which long-term care facilities are subject to PBJ – specifically excluding swing beds.
  • Clarification on the handling of staff performing duties fitting multiple job descriptions
  • Updated definition of the Administrator job description

A small but significant change clarified that reporting of administrative staff is limited to just licensed nursing home administrators versus all non-clinical staff (office, front desk, etc.).

Administrative staff responsible for facility management as required under 483.75(d) such as the administrator and the assistant administrator.

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