FAQs for PBJ Policy Manual (Dec 2016)

PUBLISHED: December 21, 2016
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The next PBJ FAQ document was published December 21, 2016 just a month after the first required data submission by facilities.

This FAQ added four new questions, removed one, modified four previously answered questions and rearranged their order.  New concepts included:

  • Further clarified corporate staff hours that can be reported
  • Included Respiratory therapists in a prior question about therapy hours
  • Added more detail on reporting Hire and Termination dates
  • Recommended maintaining of Employee IDs regardless of reporting system changes
  • Clarified that the midnight split rule does not require a change in payroll techniques used to pay staff
  • Introduced a method to convert minutes to fractions for manually entering hours in the PBJ system
  • Clarified how to confirm successful submission of data in the PBJ system

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