FAQs for PBJ Policy Manual (Aug 2015)

PUBLISHED: August 25, 2015
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The initial PBJ FAQ document was published August 25, 2015 to accompany DRAFT PBJ Policy Manual version 1.1 during the voluntary testing period to be used be the early testers of the payroll-based journal system.

This FAQ posed and answered 14 questions covering concepts including:

  • Reporting Hours PAID versus Hours WORKED
  • Defining Direct Care Staff
  • Reporting on staff who perform multiple roles 
  • Compiling hours for Medical Directors who get paid by the facility AND as an attending physician
  • Determining hours paid and worked by contract staff and specialist contractors
  • Separating hours of staff who work in both an acute-care hospital and co-located skilled nursing facility
  • Providing methods to capture and report hours for contract staff
  • Illustrating how to report Hire and Termination dates for contract staff
  • Validating the reporting of the sampling method used to report census
  • Clarifying which hours of corporate staff can be reported at a facility level
  • Explaining how to report training hours for staff attending training
  • Confirming the removal of the requirement to report part or full-time status
  • Instructing facilities how to register and submit data during the voluntary period
  • Explaining how data submitted during the voluntary period will be used

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