DRAFT Payroll Based Journal Policy Manual v 1.0 (Apr 2015)

VERSION: PBJ Policy Manual v1.0
PUBLISHED: April 2015
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The draft PBJ policy manual was initially published during the voluntary testing period to be used be the early testers of the payroll-based journal system.

CMS developed a system for facilities to submit staffing and census information and named it the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) system. The PBJ system collects staffing information on a regular quarterly basis – which is more frequent than previously used.

The PBJ system is auditable to ensure accuracy.  The PBJ Policy Manual provides basic information to be used for submitting staffing and census information through the PBJ system

Registration for the PBJ system through QIES will begin in August 2015 for facilities that will submit data on a voluntary basis starting October 1, 2015 only. CMS will communicate more information at that time. Facilities that will not be submitting data voluntarily should not register at this time.

There are additional materials that provide technical specifications and instructions on how to submit data manually or upload automatically from a payroll or time and attendance system.

Open PBJ Policy Manual v 1.0