Course Overview

Surviving a PBJ Audit

Surviving a PBJ Audit explores the components of a CMS PBJ audit – including audit selection, the actual audit process, and audit results – and delivers best practices for internally auditing PBJ data prior to CMS submission.

Take the Surviving a PBJ Audit course to understand the core elements of a PBJ audit.

In Surviving a PBJ Audit you will learn:

  • Why does CMS conduct PBJ audits?
  • Which facilities get audited?
  • What happens if I receive a CMS audit?
  • How should I internally audit my PBJ data?
  • What should I look for when examining job titles and pay types?
  • What are best practices for reviewing worked and non-worked hours?

Course Objectives ▼

Understand PBJ Audits

Prepare Audit Responses

Audit-Proof Your PBJ Data

Lessons in this course ▼