Get Personal One-on-One PBJ Help

Sometimes you need another set of eyes to look over your PBJ files, job codes, Five Star ratings or other PBJ issues.  Not sure where to start?  Schedule a free PBJ review with PBJ Central.

1:1 Office Hours

Just need a quick PBJ tune-up or to resolve those nagging PBJ questions? Schedule a one hour meeting with a PBJ expert for one-on-one PBJ help.

  • Get one hour with a PBJ expert
  • Meetings available within 24 hours
  • Add PBJ Library Pass and News Alert
  • $149 one time upfront

How Does a Huddle Work?

  1. Sign up online for the huddle package you want and we’ll create a PBJ Central account for you.
  2. Your account includes a private Q&A and scheduling portal for you to work with PBJ Central
  3. Once your meeting is scheduled, we email a zoom link for us to get together (we ask 24 hours notice to schedule a meeting).
  4. To make best use of our time together, we encourage you to post or email a summary of your situation and any supporting files.
  5. After we meet, you will have our direct email to follow up with any questions or concerns.
  6. As soon as your PBJ Central account is created, you have access to the PBJ Library and will be added to the monthly news alert.

Not sure where to start? 

Schedule a free PBJ review with PBJ Central.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer to your question below, drop a note to

Do you bill me if we go over an hour?

No! We’ll keep an eye on the clock and make a plan to work through your needs if it will take more than an hour. Sometimes a couple follow up emails will solve things. Sometimes we may ask you to schedule another huddle.

What if I want a team meeting?

No problem. You’ll need to give us the additional attendees so we can invite them to our zoom web meeting.

Will you fix my timekeeping / payroll software?

Not directly. But we will screen share with you on your system and guide you to where we see potential issues you can fix. We’ve seen hundreds of different timekeeping and payroll systems, and have learned its best for you to work directly with the software company to solve their technical issues.

Do you submit our PBJ files?

Unfortunately, no. But we can show you a few options to easily get your files submitted.

Are you selling software?

No, we are providng online training, a web site full of PBJ resources and direct coaching or huddle sessions designed to fit your needs.