Course Overview

PBJ Data Requirements & System Setup

PBJ Data Requirements and System Setup examines the intricacies of PBJ staff classifications and allowable hours, including how they pertain to data collection in payroll/timekeeping systems.

Questions answered in this course include:

    • What nursing staff can I count for PBJ?
    • How do I classify roles like MDS nurse or Personal Care Aide?
    • Can I report corporate staff and universal care workers?
    • Can I include all hours worked by salaried, contract & remote staff?
    • What is the midnight split?
    • How are meal breaks applied?
    • How should I record hours in my payroll/timekeeping system?

Course Objectives ▼

Learn PBJ Basics

Understand PBJ Reporting Requirements

Identify PBJ Job Titles and Pay Types

Recognize Allowable PBJ Hours

Gain PBJ Reporting Best Practices

Lessons in this course ▼