NYT: You are as much of the problem as the Five-Star system

Apr 2, 2021 | Five Star Staffing Ratings, Research & Studies of PBJ Data

NYT: You are as much of the problem as the Five-Star system

“Maggots, Rape and Yet Five Stars: How U.S. Ratings of Nursing Homes Mislead the Public,” published March 13, 2021, is one of the sloppiest pieces of reporting that I have ever read from the New York Times.

It is nothing less than shameful how this lazy journalism, coupled with the need to sell advertising space, purposefully perpetuates misunderstandings about nursing homes, caregivers and government surveyors alike.

To be completely honest, I am sure most nursing home professionals would match your over 5,000 words of damnation with their own sincere and objective analysis of what is wrong with nursing homes. Some of my negative critique would include the Five-Star Quality Rating System itself — the very system you examined yet clearly misunderstood.




April 2, 2021


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