Lots to learn with new Five-Star

Jul 22, 2022 | Five Star Staffing Ratings

Lots to learn with new Five-Star

On a recent flight, I sat next to an attorney whose principal focus was compliance. It turned out that we were both on our way to speak at events in the same popular Florida conference destination. She was not in healthcare, but when she heard that I worked with nursing homes, she made a comment that caught my attention.

“There are often significant compliance issues in highly regulated industries,” she said. Intrigued, I asked her to elaborate.

She went on to share that in such industries, especially ones with low margins, staff must be creative and resourceful to meet regulatory requirements and still achieve business goals.

“It’s the perfect Catch-22,” she said




July 22, 2022


Littlehale, Steven. “Lots to Learn with New Five-Star.” McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, 22 July 2022, www.mcknights.com/blogs/guest-columns/lots-to-learn-with-new-five-star.

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