Course Overview

Fundamentals of Payroll-Based Journal

Course Objectives ▼

Learn PBJ Basics

Understand PBJ Reporting Requirements

Identify PBJ Job Titles and Pay Types

Recognize Allowable PBJ Hours

Gain PBJ Reporting Best Practices

Fundamentals of Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) provides an overview of the PBJ regulatory program, specifics of the PBJ Policy Manual, review of PBJ data collection fundamentals, and summary of mandatory submission components.  Take this course to understand the core foundational elements of the payroll-based journal program.

In Fundamentals of Payroll-Based Journal you will learn:

    • What is PBJ?
    • Why is PBJ important?
    • What is required for PBJ reporting?
    • What is direct care staff?
    • What job titles are allowed in PBJ reporting?
    • How are PBJ hours recorded?
    • What hours are allowed and not allowed for PBJ?
    • How do I collect and submit PBJ data?
    • What are some PBJ best practices?

Lessons in this course ▼