CMS going public with facility turnover, weekend staffing data

Jan 10, 2022 | Five Star Staffing Ratings, Nursing Turnover & Hours

CMS going public with facility turnover, weekend staffing data

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services late Friday announced that it will begin posting nursing home staff turnover rates and weekend staffing levels on the consumer-facing Medicare Care Compare site this month.

The same information will then be incorporated into the public Five-Staring rating system in July. The moves intensify pressure on providers that are facing a historic workforce shortage with no clear end in sight.

“Staffing in nursing homes has a substantial impact on the quality of care and outcomes residents experience,” CMS said in a memo announcing its decision to add the turnover rates and weekend levels to staffing averages that have been included for a decade.

The additional information “further enhances the information available to consumers, residents, and families to help support their healthcare decisions and incentivizes quality improvement among nursing homes,” the agency said.




January 10, 2022


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